“Cui Kai,Tell me the truth,What is the relationship between the two of us before?Why did you just say,It’s exactly what I thought,exactly the same!What is the relationship between the two of us?”
“What is the relationship between the two of us?What do you think is the relationship between the two of us?!”Cui Kai pushed Qiao Tianyu away,Sorted out the collar that was almost broken。
“Qiao Tianyu,I believe you will remember one day,But it shouldn’t be me telling you!Now the less you know, the better!okay,Say something,Don’t waste time,Dawn!”
Seeing the two seems a little unhappy,Michelle stood up and acted as a peacemaker,Pull both of them back on the sofa and sit down,Diverted the subject。
“Cui Kai,What you meant just now,The combination of Yin and Yang will be biased towards the main trader,What do you say,Now Junji Sato and Lily’s trader combination,Who is it??”
“I think Junji Sato!”Cui Kai explained。
“Tianyu also said just now,The current situation is very good. Sato Junji,He clearly knows that the game is finished,Set up transaction funds and‘Gold UNPROFOR’Two big mountains,Let’s attack,This is a typical Zhiyang technique,Obviously Junji Sato is in charge!”
“Not at all!”At this time Qiao Tianyu also gradually recovered his calm,Don’t worry about his relationship with Cui Kai,Turned his attention to the current situation。
“Tianyu,Do you think something is wrong?”Michelle asked。
“Although the current situation is indeed very good, Sato Junji,But looking at the whole golden war,The Japanese and Americans took advantage of the battle between Rothschild Bank and Credit Suisse First Boston Bank,Secretly under everyone’s nose‘steal’So much gold,Without being discovered by anyone,This trick is very Lily!”
“And in the way Lily was forced and fake fingers,Tricked us from London to Tokyo,Deliberately irritated me,It’s not what Sato Junji can think of,That should be Lili’s work。”