Knife,Come with the momentum to kill everything!
Lu Menglin took two steps backwards swiftly,Just right to pass this cut。
Not so much his speed is fast enough,It’s better to say that his predictive ability is too strong,Guessed Bei Gongwang’s shot in advance,Action in one go,Had moved before the opponent had the knife。
Bei Gong looks at this cut,Lu Menglin’s retreat,The two seemed to have rehearsed in advance,Perfect cooperation,Frustrated this trick。
“Humph!The action is not slow!Just where can you escape?”Bei Gongwang’s face is full of disdain,Waved the anger in his hand,Transformed into heavy knife shadow。
That cut just now failed,He doesn’t think the opponent is very strong,It’s because I’m not too familiar with this new Rage Slash,That’s why I let the other party get away with it.。
but,For senior fighters like Bei Gongwang,Be familiar with a weapon,Just a momentary thing,Will not affect his performance。
“Miss Mu,Do you really have no magic weapon for self-defense??Throw it out quickly!Haha!Otherwise we are very troublesome。”Lu Menglin retreated to Mu Feiyan’s side,Said with a smile。
Mu Feiyan’s eyes widened,She can’t understand,Why the hero Lu can still laugh,Are the creatures in the lower realms with such a naturally optimistic personality??Even if he will die soon,Laugh bravely?
“I don’t have that kind of thing!If you can escape,You just run away!Return to the city to report to my Mu family,My father won’t let him go。”Mufeiyan gritted his teeth。
“Ok!Then I just have to work a little harder!Bei Gongwang,You have a kind of throwing weapon,We empty-handed!”Lu Menglin smiled and shouted。
Bei Gongwang heard this,Suddenly angry and funny,He doesn’t say much,Swish two swords,I deliberately cut Mu Feiyan and Lu Menglin together。
He is confident,Before this phantom space collapsed,Two must be cut,Then hide Anger Slash,This matter is just a mouthful。
This is a godsend,If it weren’t for this phantom space,,He really dare not kill Mu Feiyan。
Anger Slash,With the momentum to cut everything,To kill the two of them。