The morning of the second day of the new year,Wang Youcai’s family sat down and had breakfast。Wang Youcai proposed to go to the clinic in the city。
Yao Chunni wants to go,But Wang Youcai didn’t bring it。The reason is that there are guests at home,His mother can’t be busy alone。Moreover,He might go to Chenzhuang。It’s hard to say if you don’t come back tonight,After all, the journey is a bit far,A lot of things。
I heard that Wang Youcai has so many reasons,Chen Yueqin became angry,Took Yao Chunni’s hand and said:“not going,Let’s take a good rest at home。Look how cold it is today,Go out and suffer”
Yao Chunni has a good temper,Wang Youcai won’t take her,She didn’t say much,And followed Chen Yueqin to the kitchen。Wang Youcai takes a look,When preparing to leave。
Wang Degui said with a cold snort:“stop!The more your kid is hanging out,The less you know how to behave。Did Chunni jump from the rock??”
“Not dad!Her parents have died long ago”Wang Youcai said smoothly。
Listen to Wang Degui,Anger burst out,He lowered his voice and shouted:“Even if the parents are gone,She has brothers and sisters。I took her to her hometown today,Burn some paper money for her parents,Look at brother and sister-in-law,This is also an excellent thing,Why can’t you think of it?”
“ Is not,Chunni did not say,I can’t remember”Wang Youcai clutching his scalp,A little embarrassed to say。But this should really be done。
Seeing Wang Youcai stopped speaking,Wang Degui immediately called his wife Chen Yueqin in,He confessed to her in a low voice。
Chen Yueqin patted her thigh and said:“Yes indeed!Those who celebrate the New Year should go back and have a look,We can’t just think of ourselves,You are still an old man”
When I heard my old lady also said the word demeanor,Wang Youcai couldn’t hold it back,Almost laughed。
When Yao Chunni heard that Wang Degui and his wife asked her to go back to her natal family for New Year’s greetings,That happiness is really surprising。Wang Youcai hugged her shoulders,Can’t help but take a breath。It seems a woman’s mind,He still can’t figure it out。
Chen Yueqin’s rare generosity,She asked about the relatives Yao Chunni was going to,Immediately gave her enough gifts from relatives,And put it all on Wang Youcai’s car。
Wang Youcai said with a smile:“mom!These things are on the market,When our car passes by,I will buy some in the market。Just keep these at home”
“Go! Go! Go!What to buy。This thing brought out from home,Different feelings”Chen Yueqin said,Pushed Wang Youcai into the car。
Wang Youcai shook his head helplessly,He immediately started the car。Hear the sound of the car,Yao Junli ran into the car。This woman cleaned up,She looks definitely several times more handsome than Ni Xiaoli。