Dai Yun is not angry but likes it,Shouted:“Really interesting!”
Chen Xiu has more and more imaginary apertures,Not too long,His whole body is hidden in countless apertures,Aperture not closed,Another regeneration。
Chen Xiu is also because of his brag,Whim,Take Cloud Fighting Dao Dao Qi as Power Frame,Guben《Tao Te Ching》The core,Using this trick for the first time。
I was a little shocked by the aperture I made:“I’m just bragging about Promise,It’s so powerful!”
The aperture around Chen Xiu is purely defensive,There is no flaw,Thousands of apertures are like waves,Slowly flock to Dai Yun。
“The sword halo he draws is invincible on defense,I can’t break my shaking fingers,Now it is turned into an offensive,If I don’t use True Qi to crush him, it won’t break!”
Dai Yun can’t break the move,Had to step back to avoid him taking a step back,Aperture pushes further,In an instant,Chen Xiu has taken seven or eight steps。
Chen Xiu said proudly:“I have drawn hundreds of apertures, which is hundreds of moves,You already lost!”
“Big shit,You said that drawing 10,000 circles is just a trick!”
“Hehe……What about one trick,You can’t beat me!”
Now I angered Dai Yun,The thumb buckle on the index finger interrupts the ejection,The pop-up of this finger is different from that of the middle finger.,Wide open,Grandiose,Shocking、The wind and rain。
Chen Xiu was surprised to see a faint blue light in the bounced fingers:“Eight-Rank Zhenqi!”