Large number of gangsters,And also incited some people who don’t know the truth,If you want to avoid gang fights,You have to completely shock the opponent。One is to quickly take the lead,Second, it’s better for your side to have an advantage in terms of number of people,The third is that law enforcement officers like the police intervene,But this one cannot be expected for the time being。
There are hundreds of migrant workers on the site,It’s far more than the people brought by Manager Yang,Where did you go?Li Tianchou looks for familiar workers behind him,Erkun、Big Bear, none of them saw,But found another master,He immediately squeezed in and whispered:“master,it’s me,Xiao Li。”
The Second Artillery is holding a pickaxe in his hand,Nervous,Ready to rush up and dry up,Suddenly the fashionable guy who was with the leader just came over and called him a master,Take a look at it carefully with the light in a daze,Suddenly grew his mouth in surprise,“My grass,What are you?Desperate?”
“Hush”Li Tianchou made a silent gesture,“Where are the brothers in the shed?Why are you alone?”
“Have fun,I’m the one who is paralyzed,Late for dinner,Strictly arrested a strong man。”Second Artillery complained。
“Don’t say anything,The troubled master came to the work shed and called the brothers,Count as much,Just say that I, Xiao Li, ask everyone for help”Li Tianchou is not polite to the Second Artillery,Be a dead horse doctor。
“Ha ha,That feeling good,Bring everyone in a fight again,I like。”Li Tianchou thought it was a bit embarrassing,But I didn’t expect this master to be more distracted than Peng Weihua,Lest there be no chaos,So happy。
“Wait,I’ll call you all。”The Second Artillery turned around and ran away。
Li Tianchou feels a little more at ease,Just call a few are good。The next important thing is to subdue the other leader,And the means must be very,Move fast,Otherwise the consequences are unpredictable。
He looks around,A problem lies in front of us,The black man who spoke just now is considered to be the leader,But so many gangsters,Is this the only one leading??Li Tianchou can’t be sure,Omissions can cause big trouble。
“Back paralyzed,Did you hear,Back off!”The big black man sees that the work place has lost his momentum,Arrogant again immediately,Carrying a hammer and shouting to everyone, Manager Yang。
Wang Yuanling doesn’t move,Ignore what the black man said at all,She suddenly shouted,“Neighbors,People are buried in the building in front,We are here to help rescue,Everyone stopping here will delay precious rescue time,The ambulance outside can’t get in either,Kills。Do you have any questions and wait for the rescue?”
“Hey,You old lady,Shut your stinky mouth for Lao Tzu。Obviously you killed people,But now he came to pretend,You treat us as fools,So many people ran over to destroy the evidence,Cover up crime。Yell fucking,Watch out for Laozi smoke。”The big black man suddenly came up with a lot of words,Very proud。