Zhu Minglang has no response on the surface,But terrified!
He’s a ruthless person!
Let the country follow his surname!
This guy is a country hunter!
Dynasty,There are many dragon animal husbandry teams,They specialize in traveling in major countries,Even serve the country’s army,Help them attack the city、Occupy territory。
of course,There are also some dragon shepherds who are rulers themselves,They keep occupying the city,High city taxes……
And some of them,Even has the ambition to hunt the country,Those important city states,Those rich countries,Are their prey!
This sentence is a perfect expression for this kind of person!
They hunt the country,Let the whole country vassal under their dragon shepherd,After the country’s interests are drained,,They will leave,Let this country rot by itself!
Country hunter,It’s the top class in the title of the Dragon Mu’s team,No wonder the guards around this person give people a sense of oppression like a mountain,Zhu Minglang can’t help but admire this seemingly elegant older man。
of course,There are also two kinds of hunters,One is willing to govern,Let those countries that have no order in themselves become orderly。
The other is equivalent to a locust crossing,Just to wipe out the resources of this country,Don’t care about the consequences,After all, they don’t have the idea of governance and management,Just serve their huge dragon group。
“If you become a consort,Doesn’t Brother Tu want to stay in this country?,The women here don’t want their men to show up。”Zhu Minglang said。
“Ha ha,It depends on the situation。”Tu Wenhe seemed very confident,It seems that the rules and regulations of this country may not restrain him。