[Effect of Huang Ran Liquor]_Action_Inevitable

Chinese wine culture is profound and there are many kinds of materials used to make wine. No matter which one is the best wine in the world.

We all know that olives are very healthy ingredients.

The wine made with olive is also called yellow rum, which has a low alcohol concentration and is suitable for most people.

In addition to the mellow taste, the efficacy of olive wine is the most important. One of them is antioxidant, so female friends can try it.

Effect of yellow olive sparkling wine Yellow olive is also called green fruit, because the fruit color can be eaten when it is yellow.

The olive tasted a bit astringent when it was first eaten, but after chewing all the time, you will find that the taste is very good. It is sweet and delicious, but also has an infinite aftertaste. Many people can fall in love with olives.

Olive wine is a common drink. It has a very sweet and delicious taste, and has the effect of clearing heat and detoxifying. It can penetrate Shengjin to quench thirst and relieve phlegm and phlegm.

The effectiveness of specific yellow olive sparkling wine is as follows: First: For acute bacterial dysentery, fry the olives and water with low heat for two or three hours, and filter and take them when the water is only half.

Adults of this formula can take three or four times a day, and continuous treatment can effectively treat abnormal stool, and the effect can be seen in about half or five days.

If it is said that the condition of hypertension has not been treated and improved after taking it, then the concentration of the medicine is increased, and then it is taken once or twice a day for three days, and the effect can be seen.

Second: treatment of skin diseases. After the olives are boiled, the medicinal solution is left, and then the medicinal solution is applied with hot compresses at the site of the skin disease or death. It can gradually converge and reduce the inflammation.Happening.

In general, if a woman has a genital ulcer or a scrotal ulcer, these diseases will cause the woman’s genitals to exudate erythema. This disease should be treated with yellow olives in a timely manner.

After using yellow olives, the surface of the inflamed area will quickly seep out of the liquid, and the amount of yellow secretions will be reduced. The pain of the wound can also be relieved to a certain extent, and the health will soon be restored.

If it is dialysis eczema dermatitis, the appearance of leakage can also be stopped after using yellow olives, but the method of making green olives is different.

After smashing the yellow olives, add fresh water and cook with warm water.

After taking it out for half an hour, use it after filtering.

Dip some medicinal solution in clean gauze and apply it to the affected area three times a day.

If it is a body ulcer, then the cold can be used to restore the body’s health. When the symptoms stabilize, change to a hot compress.

In addition, if your body has eczema and dermatitis, you should also use some anti-allergic drugs and vitamin C while using yellow olives, so that you can restore and promote your body’s health.

Method for making yellow olive wine The main ingredient of yellow olive wine is yellow olives, which are then soaked in white wine. Fruits and white wine are fermented and combined to produce green olive wine.

Yellow olive wine is both a medicinal wine and a fruit wine. It has a low concentration and a very good taste.

Ingredients: Fresh olives, white wine, and white sugar. Ferment the white granulated sugar with yellow olives in advance, and then evenly, add some wild yeast, and mash the yellow olives with wood. Pay attention not to eat iron.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the temperature during fermentation. Generally, it can be controlled within 20 to 25 seconds, and the time is about one week.

Yellow olive wine should be left for a month or two after fermentation, so that it will taste better in the future.

When you need to take this medicinal wine, you need to filter it beforehand, and then take it for better taste.