6 “sexual welfare rules” that don’t need to worry about

How many times a week is “normal”?
Shouldn’t every time rush to the summit?
Is it necessary to change a variety of postures in sex?
Must be “regular” enough to make a healthy life complete?
. Under the overwhelming “media violence”, our demands for sex are getting higher and higher, for example, we need more skills, longer time, stronger visual impact. but with the rising standards of self-requirementHowever, we are getting farther and farther away from the “sexual blessings” – those who have endlessly published the standards of sexual love and “sexual blessings”, are they really wanted to arrive at the “sexual blessing garden”?
  Is it normal to have sex more than 3 times a week?
  More or less, good sex. Case1: Daria and Bloom have always had a regular sex life, and average sex twice a week.

Both parties are quite satisfied.

But one day, Daria saw a sex statistics report in a magazine, saying that “only 10% of people aged 20-30 do not make love more than 3 times a week.”
Daria collapsed at the time: he and Bloom are not 30 years old, why are they so few?
Is Bloom still having problems with himself?
  Analysis: One of the most important criteria in the study of modern sexuality is that social statistics must be separated from personal preferences.
In other words, statistics cannot be used as a measure of whether a person is “normal” or not.
As a result of Dr. Kinsey’s investigation, individual differences are particularly prominent in human sexual behavior, and the differences between individuals may be thousands of times larger.
In other words, even if people are raining or even seven nights, they have nothing to do with you. You don’t need to compare with them.
You feel enough, feel comfortable and satisfied, and that is the standard.
  Moreover, such investigations are consistent with the facts, and no one can tell.
First, different methods are adopted in the survey method and sample selection, which will have different results.
Second, such investigations can only rely on the dictation of the respondents, and he can completely open his mouth and blow his breath.
Wang Xiaobo said in the article “Teaching Sociology” that the United States once conducted a large-scale investigation of sexual behavior, and the state treasury allocated large sums of money, and the government provided a confidential population record.
The scientists are also very responsible, but the conclusions are not reliable.
For example, American men say that they have sex four or five times a month; women say that they are two or three times a month.
How to explain the extra times?
Also, there are fewer homosexuals among Catholics and more homosexuals among atheists. Does this mean that non-belief will be a homosexual?
Then the conclusion can only be that some respondents did not tell the truth.
  Coincidentally, a set of data was published in a magazine at hand: the average daily life of the global population is 103 times, and the Chinese are about 96 times, which means that we have sex twice a week on average.
Now that we have three sets of data, they all seem to be authoritative.
Which one do you think is more credible?
  Every time you make love, the longer you spend, the more you enjoy?
  Long or short, just satisfied. Case2: Big Liu and his wife are married for 2 years. Every time they make love, they are all sprinting and will soon end.
Later, Liu read some related books, saying that extending the time can bring greater happiness to his wife.
So when he makes love again, he deliberately changes the rhythm and wants to stick to it for a while.
Unexpectedly, the wife was very impatient with him, saying that he did stop and stop, and he felt nothing.
  Analysis: Compared with men, women are indeed slower.
Generally speaking, prolonging sex time will make women more satisfied.
And for a longer period of time, it will also make men more psychologically satisfied.
Therefore, many people will think that “perfect sex will last longer.”
This kind of psychology is reflected in pornography, and the scene of sex is like a marathon.Look at the various sex guides, from Sanskrit works 4000 years ago to today’s marriage guide guides, do not teach men to have their own reaction to the extreme, brake extension, strengthen the stimulation of women, so that women are more likely to reach orgasm.

In reality, there are many people who can intentionally control their normal sexual response, such as by regulating the frequency of sexual contact, controlling breathing, stopping the constant tension of the muscles, avoiding continuous stimulation, avoiding fantasies, etc., to control the input of sexual stimulation.Extend sexual activity time.

But is sex time really the better?

  The length of a man’s time is affected by the physical condition of each person, usually 2 to 15 minutes, and younger men will finish faster.

A large-scale study in the United States specifically targeting the sex market shows that substantial love (from the beginning of sexual contact) is most appropriate at 7-13 minutes.

Most of the investigators showed that the substantive love is more than 13 minutes, the sense of fatigue will increase, and it is more difficult to restore physical strength, and only 7 minutes, there will be a sense of inadequacy.

  However, 7-13 minutes or 2-15 minutes, it is only statistically significant, and everyone’s situation is different.

Barbara has encountered such an example. A man loves his wife very much and is willing to delay her, but occasionally, he also wants unloving sexual intercourse and wants to satisfy himself quickly.

According to the results of Dr. Kinsey’s investigation, many people at least accidentally feel that reaching orgasm directly and quickly can satisfy themselves.

The big Liu couple seems to belong to this kind.

  What’s more, there are many ways to satisfy women. The rich foreplay content, gentle and intimate caress, and hand and mouth stimulation are all more effective than monotonous mechanical movement.

  As long as both parties feel satisfied, it is OK, and there is no need to entangle with the length of time.

  Is it high enough to make a variety of postures at once?

  The third situation: There have been changes, the little brow and her husband are keen to try a variety of sexual postures, and even tried all kinds of difficult magazine movements.

For example, with the soft work of a yoga master, put one leg behind his back and the other foot to the top of his head.

But later, she was tired of these postures.

She felt that the various sexual movements distracted her attention and made it difficult for her to reach her climax.

  Analysis: How many poses can humans make in love?

From Ovid’s “Love” to the Arab poetry collection, to today’s marriage guide, as well as some erotic books and movies, there is no limit to this effort.

It is said that humans can have more than 200 types of sex, and there are dozens of common ones.

But is it really useful to have so many postures?

  A variety of postures bring more possibilities for psychological stimulation and satisfaction.

Many people, whether men or women, only immediately think that two people’s bodies can make a variety of sexual postures, and immediately find that sexual desire is booming.

However, there is no evidence that sex in a variety of postures can bring more physical pleasure, or it is easier to reach orgasm.

On the contrary, in too many cases, the use of a variety of varied and varied sexual skills can interfere with women and prevent her from reaching a climax.

  Different women have to reach orgasm and have different needs, rhythms and speeds.

Some people like to reach directly and uninterruptedly; some people like the soft, long-term process, so deliberately interrupted to cause orgasm.

But in general, women want their private gardens to be stimulated. They want to be stimulated once they start, and don’t stop until the orgasm comes.

Most women are able to reach their climax through masturbation, which is many years faster than in the previous lovemaking process of caressing.

This is because masturbation is usually continuous and continuous during the process of achieving orgasm.

  Why do you have to spend a lot of time?

You are not playing A film.

Some gestures that are slightly monotonous may be enough.

  According to a survey, the most distorted position is after the marriage, and later, most couples use limited or even only one position.

  Why are some positions accepted by the largest group?

Because it is effective.

  Love without climax is not called love?

  Case 4: Sannny and her husband live together for two years, and they have been married for a year. They have never experienced the climax of the legendary desire to die.

But she still likes to have sex with her husband. She likes to embrace, comfort, kiss, enter, and has a strong sense of pleasure.

But once, she suddenly had a climax inexplicably, and the extreme experience completely arrested and deceived her.So every time she makes love, she is trying to find a climax, but the climax is very strange, always difficult to get.

She is increasingly worried about sex, more and more dissatisfied, and brought a lot of pressure to her husband.

  Analysis: The climax may be the biggest stress in terms of sex.

The climax of women is very important for both men and women.

A woman who does not have an orgasm may have a consciousness that she is not as good as others, which may greatly reduce her chances of obtaining a perfect sexual relationship in the future.

For men, especially those with a higher education level, he will feel that he has an obligation and that he has the responsibility to make the woman reach the climax and get the same satisfaction as himself.

If the woman does not have an orgasm, it causes him to have a strong disappointment and feels that he is incompetent.

And these will become the killers affecting both sexes.

Both sides will be troubled by disappointment, quarreling, and even become angry and furious.

  However, we should also understand that, based on the difference in physiological structure, men are more likely to reach orgasm, while women have a lower proportion of orgasm.

According to a survey, 36%-44% of women make love in marriage, not once they reach their climax.

In other words, there is no climax in a sex activity, and it is normal to not worry.

  Orgasm is not the only factor that determines the degree of satisfaction, which is especially important for women.

Knowing to be loved, feeling love and intimacy, can bring psychological satisfaction.

Even those sexual activities that do not reach the climax, people can get considerable happiness in the social sense of sexual relations.

  Others believe that it is unrealistic for an orgasm to arrive at the same time for both men and women.

The woman reaches the climax first, and the man follows the climax; or the man reaches the climax first, and then the other way to let the woman reach the climax, the two forms are the most common.

On the contrary, there are few examples of reaching the climax at the same time.

  Specific to Sannny, you can do an organic check and try different sexual poses, which can help to reach the climax.

But the first thing she has to do is to let go of her worries about the climax and enjoy her love.

With this relaxed mindset, it is easier to get a climax.

  Sex must be regular and “healthy”?

  Example 5: Elle is an accountant, prefers neat, orderly, and regular.

She even set a sex program for her husband, twice a week, Wednesday, Saturday night.

After a long time, her husband resigned a lot: sometimes her husband has a desire, not within the plan, Elle is determined not to.

But sometimes it is time to plan to make love, but her husband can’t afford “sexual interest” because of reasons such as inducement and mood.

  Analysis: There is nothing wrong with the regularity of sex life, but to the extent of Elle is a bit too rigid.

In fact, it is quite good to do whatever you want. If you have desires, you can do it without desire. Don’t force yourself.

  There have always been different views on the timing of sexual life.

Some people think that night is better.

Because sexual activity requires the physical strength of resistance, during this time of sexual life, you can fall asleep immediately after the completion of the event, so that both sides get a full rest, the next day can maintain plenty of energy.

Some people think that it is better in the morning, because after a night’s rest, physical strength is restored, and there is better income in sexual life. In addition, from the physiological point of view, the concentration of adrenal hormones in the human body is the highest, and the sexual desire is also strongest.
Others argue that it is best to sleep for a few hours before living a sexual life.

Because modern people’s life is faster, after 8 hours of study and work, most of them are tired. In the evening, there will be social interactions, nightlife, and sleep often. In this case, sexual life may not be able to make both sidessatisfaction.
If you get a good night’s sleep, get enough rest, physical strength, energy recovery, you will have more perfect sex, and you can sleep for a few hours after sex.

  Each of these viewpoints has its own merits. We can choose our own way according to our own body and living conditions.

For example, at 9 to 5 pm, you can choose to have sex at night; you don’t have to go to work on weekends, you can have sex in the morning, and then you can sleep together.

  In fact, as long as the physical condition of both parties allows, it is good to make love at any frequency at any time.

When you want to attack, whether it is night, morning, or even a nap in the afternoon, it does not hinder a melee war.

If it feels great to do, who can stop it?  A film accompanied by sex is very BT?

  Scenario 6: Jenny is an open-minded woman.

The husband likes to take the A movie, and she will accompany her husband.

But later, Jenny found that the A film became an indispensable accompaniment to the two, and if there were no pairs or even pairs of men and women accompanies the screen, the husband’s performance would be significantly regressed.

  Analysis: In terms of sex, women are auditory animals, and men are visual animals.

As Nadi Grafiel said, “The sexual arousal of men is done first through vision: I saw it, I want to.”.

This is why men are keen on porn movies and the reason for the popularity of lingerie.

  However, excessive stimulation in some areas will both form a dependency and increase the stimulus threshold.

If you want to achieve the same feeling, you need more stimulation.

  In addition, in addition to vision, smell, touch and so on are also important parts of sex.

Excessive pursuit of visual stimuli, and gradually degraded these aspects, making sex become monotonous and boring.

  If you have been used to making love in the light, admiring each other’s body, or getting used to the A film, you may want to change it occasionally: pull the curtains up, close all the lights, explore and discover in the dark environment where you can’t see your fingers.

That would be a different kind of excitement and enjoyment.

  In addition, those thongs, super tight girdle, body shaping underwear, and lace, sequined underwear, occasionally acceptable, no need to be fully armed every time.

The thong is not comfortable at all. It is not beautiful to pull out a line of prints. It is always necessary to solve so many buttons and links. It will also make men feel trouble and affect his “sexual interest.”