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When a baby is born, it is mainly replaced by breast milk. When the baby grows for a few months, he needs to add complementary foods, or he can put rice noodles in the baby, but many parents do n’t know when to start adding complementary foods, so let ‘s tell everyoneThe right way.

First, the baby can eat rice noodles every month. It is generally added from 4 months. At the beginning, it is added from egg yolk. From 1/4, if there is no indigestion and allergies after eating, you can graduallyIncrease the amount. After getting used to it, you can add rice noodles and eat some vegetable juice.

Even though rice noodles, there are still some artificial additives in it. In fact, as long as you have time, you can grind some rice noodles. You can use the previous rice and black rice. You can cook some nutritious porridge at home. You can add various vegetables in it.At the end, walnuts, peanuts, almonds (to be crushed), laver, diced lean meat, fresh shrimp, animal liver, exclude additives, adults and babies can eat.

For babies, complementary foods are new things that they have never come in contact with, and the body will have a process of identification and identification. Therefore, it should be gradually increased on the basis of stable quantity and variety.

The principles for adding supplementary food to babies are as follows: from thin to thick, from fine to thick, and from plant to animal.

Due to the height of a baby from 4 to 6 months, the weight increases rapidly, and the demand for iron gradually increases. At this time, if iron is not supplemented in time, iron deficiency anemia is prone to occur.

The symptoms of mild iron deficiency anemia in babies are not obvious, and it is often not easy to be found. When symptoms appear, lips, nails, pale, loss of appetite, irritability and other symptoms are already moderate anemia.

If severe anemia occurs, the heart rate will increase, lose weight, and even co-infection.

Second, how to choose baby rice noodles 1.

Select branded products.

It is recommended to choose big brands and good reputation products, and their quality should be relatively guaranteed.


View product identification.

Take a look at whether the normal product should have all the logos, baby-specific logos and instructions whether they are printed on the packaging.


Check the nutrition facts table.

See if the specific nutritional ingredients and their content are within a reasonable range.


See packing instructions.

See if there are any instructions on the packaging, supplementary food for some weaning periods, etc.


Look at color and smell.

It is off-white, uniform in size, pure in flavor, exuding the unique fragrance of rice flour, and no other odor.


Look at the organization and temperament.

It is loose and non-caking, and it becomes muddy after preparation.


Recognize rice noodles.

Choose the type of rice noodle according to your baby’s needs.

Determine whether the composition of rice flour is close to breastmilk rice flour or rice milk supplement.

See if it’s rice noodles that your baby should consume during weaning.

Third, the baby’s supplementary food is the process of transitioning from liquid food to solid food. The baby has been eating breast milk since birth. Although he wants to feed breast milk to 1 year old, the baby also started to eat rice noodles for 4 months.Capability still plays a role.

Although there are many types of complementary foods, rice flour is easier to digest as a cereal-based complementary food, so rice flour is still recommended as the first food supplement. According to past experience, most mothers added pure rice flour for the first time, which has low allergenicity.
If you add rice noodles for the first time, you can add rice noodles between your baby’s milk in the morning. Be sure to make the rice noodles thinner when you start adding rice noodles, otherwise the baby will not swallow them. Be sure to observe the baby for three to five daysIf you have good stools and good spirits, you can add vegetable puree, fruit puree, egg yolk, and other complementary foods.