In this war, the Syrian national football team keeps peace
The national football coach Lippi adjusted the goal of the Sino-Syrian war to a peaceful victory.Figure / Osports Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers Asian Region Top 40 round 5 to today, Beijing time at 10 o’clock tonight, the national football team will stand in the United Arab Emirates Dubai team against the first Syrian team.Considering the strength gap and the worsening history of confrontation against Syria, the goal of the national football coach Lippi’s campaign was adjusted to Baoping to win.  The enemy’s strong forward test the national football back defense. The first three games against the Maldives, Guam and the Philippines. The primary goal of the national football team is to win more goals, but this campaign faces the Syrian team.In the face of the Philippines, the national football team handed over a white paper, while Syria broke the goal five times, and the offensive ability was high.  In Syria’s 5-2 victory over the Philippines, the number one striker Soma scored twice.In the Air Force’s three top 40 games, he arranged 7 of the team’s 11 goals and is currently ranked first in the top 40 scorer list.In the first 9 rounds of the Saudi league this season, Soma has scored 6 goals for Jeddah nationals.In the Air Force’s four seasons, Soma’s statistics are horrible, scoring 92 goals in 92 appearances, which is equivalent to scoring as long as he plays.  Efficient Soma is undoubtedly the most vigilant player in the national football defense line, but don’t forget their big-name star and Heribin.Air Force Herbin missed part of his training due to injury.According to the latest news, his injury recovered quickly and he has basically recovered. He has also participated in the team’s joint training in recent days.In addition, the striker Nasu Naqdali has also recovered from injury, and the last time the top 12 game broke through the Chinese team’s gate, Saleh will also be lifted.  In contrast to the national football, after the main left defender Li Lei was absent due to injury, the main central defender Zhang Linpeng appeared in a small situation.Shortly after the start of training on the 12th, he suddenly sat on the ground, and both the team doctor and Lippi stepped forward to understand the situation.The latest news is that Zhang Linpeng’s injury is within controllable range, but he needs to be more cautious in the face of the strong impact of opponent forwards.In addition, the position of the left back will be replaced by Zheng Zheng or Liu Yang, and there is a need to be more vigilant about the lack of cooperation between personnel changes.  The national football team lost or missed the group first. Due to the unstable domestic political situation in Syria, the Syrian team is often classified by fans as one of the opponents that the national football team can overcome, but that was only before 2009.In the first 6 clashes between the two sides, the national football team has 5 wins and 1 loss permanent absolute advantage.  Since the Asian preliminaries in 2009, Syria has gradually become the sufferer of the national football.In the six battles against Syria, the national football team only achieved two wins, two draws and two losses, two of which were also friendly matches.In international competitions such as the Asian Cup qualifiers and the World Cup qualifiers, the national football team had two draws and two losses to Syria, with no wins.  In the last 12 matches, the national football team only scored 1 draw and 1 loss in the two rounds of the match with Syria. At home, they lost the ball due to a back defense error and eventually lost the game 0 to 1.The away game was scored in a perfect free kick with a 2-1 lead. The poor performance of these two games was also one of the reasons why the Chinese team was unable to qualify.  This round of the top 40 meets again. At present, the national football team is two points behind Syria and ranks second in the group. Because the other three opponents in this group are weak, this direct dialogue with Syria will determine the final group first attribution.Comparing strength and past record, coach Lippi also expressed the idea of Baoping’s victory before the game.  However, if they lose, the national football team will be 5 points behind their opponents and basically withdraw from the group first competition. They can only hope to qualify as the group second.According to the competition system, 4 or 5 (the number depends on the results of the host Qatar). The second group will receive the top 12 tournament tickets. At present, the national football team ranks first in the group second sequence, but has experienced the development of the game.The ranking will continue to change.  Writing / Sauna, Night Net Xu Xiaofan