Anderson whispered:“Want to make such a car,The chassis is the foundation of the foundation,but……We have no experience in this area……”
Also,For a group of engineers who specialize in car modification,Let them develop a chassis for ordinary family cars,As long as time and funds are in place,Maybe the problem is not big,But to develop a chassis with such a powerful performance,It’s really hard for them。
“It’s really hard,Very difficult,”Chen Geng nodded,Did not deny this:“And as‘Magic claw’The first car launched,Whether this car will be recognized by consumers is still unknown,We make money on this car……Do not,More than this car,Including the next few cars we will launch,There is little chance of making money。”
Anderson’s expression is even more bitter,Of course he knew that his boss was right。
And as a professional manager,One of the basic conditions to measure his ability is to see how much money he makes for the company,If this project causes the company to lose money for several years……This is not good news。
But Anderson thought the situation too good,Chen Geng’s blow to him is not over yet:“Besides,The engine has to be re-developed。”
“Have to re-develope an engine?”
As soon as this word comes out,The other managements can’t calm down instantly:Just now,They thought the source of the engine for this car,Still as before,Directly from Ford、Universal or evenAMCHome purchase,But boss mean,It turned out to be re-developing an engine?!
The cost is high!
It’s just that the cost is high.,After all, this is a project for the boss,If you really don’t have any money, you can ask the boss for money.,but……Time!
The most important thing is time!
If you add the time to develop such an engine,When will this sports car be officially launched?
The modification department is different from other industries under Chen Geng,This place is more free,Too rigid regulations can easily limit the imagination of designers,Also because of this,After Chen Geng came out,Everyone immediately exploded……
“Mr,Why not outsource the engine directly?You know,We can only upgrade and modify the engine now,Does not have the ability to produce engines,And want to produce a high-performance engine that can be adapted to supercars,The additional equipment will cost astronomical expenses……”
“Mr,Buy the engine out,If you are worried that when we become bigger, the supplier will pinch our neck,We can start fromAMCPurchase engine……”