“Ok。”Lena nodded,Then he added a sentence“The highest known civilization in the universe today。”
“so smart!”Everyone took a breath when they heard it。
“So why did this angel look for Angkor??”Xin Zhao asked subconsciously。
“What else,Someone is too attractive。”Thinking of seeing the other party pinching Wu Xing’s shoulders,Lena curled her lips upset。
“I go,Angkor,Can you teach me how to pick up girls?,I want to take off the order。”Xin Zhao finished listening,Then he said to Wu Xing shamelessly。
Even beautiful creatures like angels are in the hands of Angkor,What can’t be done?
“go away。”Wu Xing can’t wait to kick him。
I have to talk to my wife,Can’t let her mate Zhixin to this guy,At least not the current Xin Zhao。
“Angkor,I was serious,Rumor has it that all angels are beautiful,In the future, introduce me to her companion, girlfriend or something。”Seems to feel Wu Xing’s thoughts,Xin Zhao posted it again without giving up。
“Ugh,I said Lord Xin,Can you not mention those invisible,Now there are four,Better to talk about them,Which one do you think is the most handsome?”Seeing Xin Zhao’s shameless posture,Liu Chuang only thinks that this product hurts his spirit,He stabbed him with his arm。
Because Liu Chuang always speaks louder,All of a sudden the girls listened。
They originally planned to hear Wu Xing talk about angels,Except Lena,And then all turned his head back。
But I couldn’t help but want to hear what they would say,After all, every girl cares about her appearance。
Ok,In fact, this is the so-called false formality,wrong,Is reserved for girls。
Talking about beauties,Xin Zhao got his head right away,Look carefully at the girl’s side for a while,Talk freely“I think they are all goddesses,The body is very good,What do you think?”
“Want me to say,Rose is the most energetic,Pan Liang Tiao Shun,But Sister Na seems to be in better shape。”