Many leaders were still working on developing PuDWhere is the first kind of fire?,right now,Tinder is coming。
Thought of this,Jiang Tao can no longer control his emotions,Can’t help being happy:There is nothing better than this。
For the leaders of the magic city,The condition given by Chen Geng is simply a pie in the sky,Not drop one,But the kind of pie storm。
before this,They never thought that Chen Geng would give such generous terms,4%to5%Loan interest rate,Only ask15%Net annual return,Where can I find such a good thing??
It’s not that Modu didn’t talk about cooperation with foreigners,But what are the conditions for those foreigners?I didn’t intend to empty the white wolf, or I wanted to throw a dollar in to make a hundred dollars,Compare with Chen Geng,Those bastards are not here for business at all,But to rob。
Because there is no similar precedent before this,The Magic Capital immediately expressed to Chen Geng his strong desire to cooperate with Chen Geng.,on the other hand,They formed written documents as quickly as possible,Report to the central leadership、Ask for instructions:Chiefs,This method is good,You quickly approve us,You can also use this method。
First496chapter I’ll use my plane first
Chen Geng is not worried about the attitude of the central government on this matter,He knows clearly,Almost every highway in China Future will pass“Borrow money to build roads,Charge loan”Model built,Although this model was once caused by some hips、Or be frantically complained by those who are crooked,But no one can deny the great significance of this model to China’s economic development:No highway with the most mileage in the world,China’s economy cannot develop so fast,“Want to be rich,Build the road first”This is not a casual talk。
One of China’s fine traditions is,As long as you find a way to work,Government departments from central to local,Will keep this method、Continue to use,When the magic capital began to take“Borrow money to build roads,Charge loan”After the pattern,What I need to worry about is whether the United Credit Bank can support such a large scale of credit。
But Ji Shengcheng doesn’t think so!
Chen Geng just returned to the United States from China,Ji Shengcheng hurried over。
“Boss,Being able to invest in a toll bridge is indeed a good business,But if you want to reach15%Annual net yield,Even with15Year loan term、5%Annual interest rate,It also means that after the bridge is completed, at least1000Ten thousand dollars in annual tolls,On average every day30Ten thousand U.S. dollars……China,Are there so many cars?”Comrade Lao Ji worries about Chen Geng’s analysis。
In any U.S. banking sector、From the perspective of financial professionals,Ji Shengcheng’s worries are not unreasonable。
If this bridge is in the United States、Europe……Do not,Don’t say it’s in developed countries like the United States or Europe,Even in South America and Southeast Asia,This is a steady profit without losing、Excellent investment project,What project can guarantee at least every year15%Net yield,And can last for 20 to 30 years?Except toll road、Beyond the toll bridge,No!No investment project can guarantee such an investment rate of return,Once such a project appears,Will definitely be used by major financial investment institutions、Fund companies and banks snapped up。