of course,I wish Minglang showed his strength,Make Lai Yunzi also very surprised,Especially the Fourth Young Master of the Zong Palace, Du Chengcheng, died in his hands……
From an ordinary man who raises silkworms,Up to now,This is less than a year。
The pavilions of the Li Family Palace,I’m afraid it will be completely rebuilt。
Fortunately, after this baptism,Many people are also mostly exiled,The house is mostly enough。
Aside,Boxer Zhan An looked at Zhu Minglang with some envy,Looking at Zhu Minglang, picking the soul and brewing beads。
Gods and ordinary people do not have the ability to gather souls and make beads,The Dragon Shepherd can use war to support war,Gods and ordinary people need to make careful choices,In some battles, the gains outweigh the losses。
“You killed these,Pity,I can’t gather my soul。”Zhu Minglang said with some regret。
Collecting souls and brewing beads is not a palm of a corpse,Frown,Can be mad**Up。
The reason why those dead souls are gathered together by the spiritual power of the dragon shepherd,Because the dragon beast is using combat skills、Mysticism、Magic time,In fact, it is tantamount to imprinting all kinds of marks on the enemy。
When the enemy dies,The soul is not hindered by any external force,These marks will echo the spiritual palm prints of the Dragon Shepherd,Then slowly condense。
So pick up creatures killed by others to gather souls,Is useless。
And the mortal does not have a contract-linked dragon pet to imprint on the enemy,No spiritual realm and spiritual power。
Spoils of war!
The dragon corpse is a treasure!
Zhan An can only chirp,Watching Zhu Minglang take away all their soul beads。