“boom!”A giant gray killer whale king of the second planet crashed into the Thunder Dragon King of the sixth planet。
Although the strength gap is huge,But the gray killer whale is in physiological structure,Actually it has a slight advantage in power burst,In addition, I originally intended to desperately did not intend to leave alive,Thunder Dragon Sovereign didn’t expect that the opponent would even dare to turn around and fight back。Under the full eruption of the Grey Orca King。I actually delayed the Thunder Dragon Emperor。
In just a few seconds,More than ten lord-level gray orcas fled away directly。
“Roar~”Thunder Dragon King Furious,A group of food that he didn’t even notice,Dare to counter him!
Violent thunder falling,Thunder Dragon Emperor’s terrifying body directly entangled the Grey Orca King,Shrink hard。And the Grey Orca King also resists and struggles,Just to delay a little longer。
“Giggle~”The sound of broken bones remembered,No surprise,The Grey Orca King was directly strangled by the Thunder Dragon King,Then swallowed it。
Swallowed the Grey Orca King,Thunder Dragon Emperor’s Wrath Is Still Undone,The winding body is erected,The upright part alone is three hundred meters high,And a pair of huge snake pupils with a diameter of more than two meters looked into the distance。
It knows,over there,Has a very powerful,Two-legged walking is stopped by the race called human。
A few years ago,When it led its race to attack the land,Was intercepted by a human with a long weapon,The final attack failed。
But as for the outbreak—Thunder Dragon Emperor thought of the terrible human strength,I couldn’t help but trembled。That terrible and penetrating attack,And the bound airflow that turns into light and darkness。It directly dispels the thought of direct revenge。
“But that human,Seems to have lived on the west coast for a long time,But the eastern continent does not seem to have a guardian of the same strength。。。Go and kill!”
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Chapter 33 Martial Arts Hall and Disciples
Li Ming and the other three stayed until they left5Ancient Civilization Remains,All blushing。
This is a great gain。
Full17Wooden crystals。This means that the strength of the three has improved a lot,Or,The new birth of mankind17A warrior beyond the God of War。