“Then from the same picture‘Tianzhenwei’There are 14 people left?”
“Not one left!”Old man gritted his teeth,“Since that Xiaoyaozi entered the mountain,Master Li beheaded them all in a rage。”
“Why is it considered Xiaoyaozi Zhang Ziyu?”
“Because one of his companions was unfortunately caught by me,Can’t stand torture。”
Chapter Seven Hundred and Sixty Five Rescue soldiers
thus,There is almost a complete chain of time and events in the so-called secrets of the Zhang family,Combining fragmented fragments previously learned,Li Tianchou’s initial impression is that the Zhang family played an extremely disgraceful role in the entire incident.,And the Li family who played a key role,But was buried in the dust of history。
“Master Li came out of Wuming Mountain,There is no more news??”
“No。”The old man shook his head,The eyes gradually became cloudy,“Since Zhang Zihui’s men were arrested,I waited to find out that the surrounding Fengshan Great Array has failed,The servant named Zhang escaped from Wuming Mountain,Pity, I wait to be silly in the mountains every day and want to catch this person like crazy。
“Master Li,The brothers left home for the emperor,Countless casualties,Actually got a result of making wedding dresses for others,He immediately brought two good players out,Would rather violate the Holy Order,Also bring the Zhang family back to the evil,But this time there is no more news。”
“Make wedding dresses for others?how do I say this?”Li Tianchou was keenly aware of the sourness in the words of the old man,Although it sounds sonorous and powerful,But it’s far from the feeling of righteousness。
The old man looked stiff,I also obviously feel that there is a problem in my words,He coughed dryly,“Don’t misunderstand me,The old man just wanted to express his anger,And it’s not worth it for the dead brothers,What did the Zhang family do,Freely outside,Do business,Make a fortune,Meng Yu descendants,Even spend time and drink,Even so, I’m not satisfied,He is deliberately trying to steal the treasure of the fairy family,Nako’s treasure,What does this mean to me waiting for brother?Means a dead end,Means taking a salary from the bottom!
“And the jade finger,Every one suppresses a powerful devil,Since being stolen by that Zhang Zihui,Actually it has already shown that I have failed the grace,Disappointed the fairy,Now he is in trouble in the Zhang family,Completely self-inflicted,God opened his eyes!”
The old man gets more and more excited,Blow beard and stare,It’s not like a lie,Although there are many doubts in the words,Li Tianchou also nodded to express understanding,No longer ask,After all,Just keep it in mind。
“Then,I already know that I can get out of the Wuming Mountain,Why are everyone trapped in the mountains?Didn’t that young man go out with the adults??”
“Hey!”The old man sighed,“Don’t want to,It’s just a blink of an eye for more than a hundred years,I wait for the mountain to be like an old ghost,People are afraid to avoid it,I can’t go back to Beijing,The duty of guarding on behalf of the emperor is still,Leaving without authorization is to kill the head,What else can you do besides being incognito?The other,I have difficulties in waiting,Holy will is hard to violate,My family members are arranged under the rule of General Damohan Qida in West Xinjiang,Worry-free,Going out of the mountain without authorization will harm future generations,Isn’t all the suffering for so many years in vain??”
More than a hundred years after Qianlong’s twenty years, it is Daoguang、During the Xianfeng period,Manqing River is going down,Internal and external troubles,Where does the court remember these old sesame seeds and rotten grains?,These words of the old man are true,But there are also problems,But Li Tianchou didn’t click it,This person is looking for him like this,Not hesitate to speak,Naturally has his purpose,Nothing more than cooperation or use,He and Shen Yingjie know very little about the current status of the underground palace,It’s better to learn more from the old man,As for the other party’s conditions,Listening is not a bad thing。
Actually the current situation is very complicated,Old man has‘Tianzhenwei’In hand,I also practiced the spiritual practice of Professor Jia Chou,Otherwise it won’t live till this time,Its power is already extremely powerful,But still looking for help,It shows that the Zhang family in the underground palace is more powerful,And Zhang Zhiqiang,Is this guy fighting alone?,Still unite with Zhang’s family,It’s also confusing。