Li Tianchou stunned,I’ve never seen the instructor complain to his students,criticism、Scold,There are even two hits,But this tone is a complete complaint,Could it be that Xu Wen got into a catastrophe??
“Xu Wenza provoke you?”
“Don’t ask what you shouldn’t ask。”The instructor finished,He stood up,He took out a brand new mobile phone and a bank card from his pants pocket and threw it to Li Tianchou,“Pack your things and get out!”
“I rely on,where to?”
“Where to go where to go。”The instructor never looked back,“You are magnified indefinitely!”
Magnify false?The second monk Li Tianchou can’t figure it out,Could it be the legendary being suspended?But seeing the instructor walked to the gate of the yard and said,“Rest first,I will notify you of the follow-up。In addition,What do you send to Lao Tzu,Nothing is serious,I threw it all away。”
WTF?Li Tianchou is even more confused,Suddenly a flash of light in my mind,I think those things are made of bamboo and wood crafts bought in Ruili,Among them is the work of Master Tian Xiong,Throw it all away?You cow,Taking the government’s money is not the money, right??
Li Tianchou, who had nothing to do suddenly, was very uncomfortable,All the hard work ended up being hidden in the snow,It’s impossible to say that he has no ideas。
But at the same time Li Tianchou also knew,Don’t look at the lightness of the instructor,Rectify his name and fight for him behind,Don’t know how much effort you put in。Serious violation,Not light,But to be more important,That is very serious,It’s pretty good that the incident can offset the merits。
And Xu Wen,The trouble is definitely not small,Could it be that Qinghua’s backyard of some general was bombed by him?Holding grass,This kid can toss better than me。
After a short melancholy,The first thing Li Tianchou thought of was going home,Next, go and see Wu Fang and Yuan Hua,But due to discipline,“Shadow member”Always lonely,Shook his head and had to give up。Want to come if‘Ranger’Still exists,Then Hu Dehai must have been hidden and transferred away。
Back to my hometown,Li Tianchou is not used to clothes,A life of open mouth,Doing nothing all day,Made him very frustrated。Dad was organized to arrange a county cultural job,Participate in the revision of county chronicles,Said to use waste heat,Busy all day long。
Sister is pregnant,Mom was so excited that he couldn’t even care about him,Li Tianchou had to stroll by himself,Take the time to go to the mountains to see the brothers who used to go out to work together,Never came back,Can’t help but feel dull。
But I heard that Sandou is best mixed now,Still in Phoenix Group,Married a wife,Is already a manager,Directing dozens of people,And Huaishan is not bad,inSZThe city became home,Although the conditions are not very good,But also firmly established。
Li Tianchou is sincerely happy for them,I also think of a bunch of brothers who are far away in Fukuyama,I never forgot the promise I made to Xiao Song,Show her the mountains in the northwest。
Thinking of Xiao Song,Li Tianchou has a very complicated mood,It’s a struggle to be exact。When I came back last time,I have already decided to break this concern,Never miss,But now it seems to be in vain。because,Acting with this purpose but finally left a promise,I am deceiving myself and others,Isn’t this also hurting the other party??
On the rock that used to bask in the sun at the entrance of the village,Li Tianchou held his arms and counted the stars all night,it’s here,He used to and Sandou、Huaishan set off together,Go outside to break into the world,TogetherSZCity work hard,And then took a different path。
Sandou and Huaishan seem to be walking in a straight line,But this straight line is still stubbornly extending forward。But I drew a big circle,Where did it come from and where did it go,The difference is the transformation from a vigorous soldier to one destined to be lonely forever“Walker”,How can Xiao Song bear all this??