“Happy to send love,But changed the vest of the palace,Take the Tianshan nursery rhymes in martial arts,In the early years, the rivers and lakes of the 36-hole seventy-two islands have been defeated.,The root base is firm,Sword refers to the rivers and lakes,Want to slave the wicked people in the world。”
“Helper,Time changed,Whisper!”
“Be desperate!”xn
A group of explorer-listened axis helped,Small reply,Get a happy,It’s too far to them.,But Ding Chunqiu’s terrible,These people have already heard。
“Panic,Wuyue Mountain is poor,What qualifications we have were enslaved。”
Two people take a slap in the table,I saw that Zunbao nodded and nodded.,Continue:“Moreover,Tao High Emperor,Let’s take a look at your own day.,How can I take us?,Special way to send people to supervise??”
“I have reasonable,But I haven’t finished it.。”
Liao Jie face:“Thirty-six cave seventy-two islands, thousands of rivers and lakes, and the second thing to think about the same,Never want to,Happy dishes with a life dead,In the implant, you will not be able to control itself.,I saw a person in my own eyes.,Has been smashed,Because Tianshan children are not nodded,I can’t die.。”
Supreme treasure listening to no blood,Seconds change to,Swallow:“generally,I am scared even.,Don’t say that I am helping the brothers who have lived.。”
“Help master,but”
Liao Jie four,Secondary:“Rivers and lakes rumors,In the middle of life and death。”
“Do you have this reason?!”
Extreme,Soft sitting in your feet back:“hateful,It is a modern,I didn’t make a thief from today.,I want to be a good person.。”
“Helper,Don’t be a thief, what do we eat??”Both two。
“same as before,Dart,You go to the other side of the door to say hello,More money every month,Let them help the ax together,In the future, we are just business.。”Supreme treasure chest。
Two noddles,It’s really so truth.。
“Helper,with all due respect,Your eyes are small.。”
Liao Jie:“Help people are shipping,Also do a service industry,It is better to engage in travel.。”
“how do I say this?”
I was interested in the supreme treasure.,Tourism does not matter,He likes to make money.。
Meant,He has several good matchs in the nearby city.,It’s envious of the first month,Only due to arrears,Old, all kinds of horizontal eyebrows,Harm him can’t fight。
“Helper,Before speaking,I am coming to go to the help.,You haven’t replied to me yet.。”
Liao Jie:“Old people’s words are weak,Individual talents will care about their own people,Especially when you have an idea,Help you say yes。”
Supreme treasure frown tangled,deep in the heart,Small money and help the host thrown,finally,Small money, money to abuse each other to win。
He decided to jail,First turn Liao Jie into your own brother,Look at how to earn how many people can earn。
“Your Mightiness,I think you have read a few years.,The appearance is like a person,Unlike me,Big old rough。Just happened to help,In the future, I will do it.,Military division,Again, a hawk fan is more perfect.。”
Supreme Baotou wants to let Liao Jum’s position,Can turn around,This approach is equivalent to pushing two people to Liao Jie,Since the destroying city wall, the opponent’s words in the ax。
“military adviser?!”