Because Ma Xiaofeng came suddenly,Ma Chuntao was taken aback,So busy:“Mayor Ma is here?Have you eaten dinner yet??”
“It’s this time,I must have eaten dinner。Hey!Let’s talk about business,What’s the situation now?Why don’t you agree to be the head of Zhangyang Village??”Ma Xiaofeng is straight to the point,Ask as soon as the topic turns。
Ma Chuntao glanced at Xia Jian and said:“Xiping Village can have today’s results,Most functions are attributed to Xia Jian。I mean if you want me to be the village chief,But i have one condition,That’s the village head of Zhang Yang Village by Xia Jian,I’m the deputy village head,If Xia Jian agrees,I promised”
“Hey!Good way!I think it’s OK for you”Ma Xiaofeng laughed happily。
Xia Jian shook his head and said:“What good?I am busy with all the things that Guangxiping wants,There is also pepper planting in Shuijing Village,Apple base,I have to take care of that”Xia Jianyi is worried,So he revealed his bottom。
“That’s all right!The actual work is done by Ma Chuntao,Does not affect you”Ma Xiaofeng said very firmly。
First1310chapter Strong female mayor
Xia Jian never thought,This Ma Chuntao will get him in。
And the mayor Ma Xiaofeng thought it was feasible without even thinking about it。Xia Jian is in a hurry,No matter what excuse he uses,But Ma Xiaofeng refused to agree,One sentence,Zhang Yang Village’s village chief must be him。
“Mayor!It really doesn’t work。I am a from Xiping Village and went to Zhangyang Village as the village head,This will strike up Minfen。Don’t forget,Some capable people in Zhangyang Village are。Don’t make it difficult to ride a tiger,Everyone will be embarrassed“Xia Jian reminded Ma Xiaofeng helplessly。