[Nine-month baby tofu practice]_ children_ how to do

The main source of nutrition for lactating children is breast milk, but when children grow up slowly, they need to add some complementary foods.

Complementary food is characterized by easy digestion and rich nutrition, and tofu is a good choice.

The tofu that children eat is definitely not the same as what we usually eat, so the practice is also the most important thing for parents.

So, what is the practice of tofu for nine months baby?

Let’s take a closer look.

1. Tofu egg yolk filter 1/2 yolk, 2 tsp tofu, 1 tbsp broth.

Grind the filtered egg yolks; boil the tofu and control the water after filtering, then put the egg yolks and tofu into the pot together, add the broth, and stir while mixing.

2. Tofu with 50 grams of tender tofu, 1 egg, put together into a paste, and then add refined salt, add 5 grams of water and stir well, steam for 10 minutes, add MSG.

3, 1 tablespoon of milk tofu, 1 tablespoon of milk, 1 tablespoon of broth.

Boil the tofu in hot water and strain it. Then add the milk and broth into the pot and mix well. Cook on fire, and sprinkle some vegetables after cooking.

4, Dawning tofu filtered 1 tablespoon tofu, 1 tablespoon tomato, 1 tbsp broth, hydrochloride.

Cook the tofu in hot water and put it in a bamboo basket to control the moisture. Then put it in the pot, add the chopped tomatoes and broth, mix while cooking, add a small amount of salt after cooking to make it have a light salty taste.
5, pumpkin tofu paste tofu, 1 tablespoon each pumpkin, 2 tsp broth, 1/4 tsp flour.

Boil the tofu in hot water and filter it; boil the pumpkin softly and filter it, then put it into the pot with the filtered tofu, add the broth and mix well.

6. Filter 1/2 egg yolk in tofu egg soup, 1/4 cup seafood soup, tofu mold.

Put the filtered egg yolk and the seaweed soup into the pot together, then cook on high heat, stir while cooking. After opening the pot, put in the tofu and stop the fire.