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After a man turns 40, his sexual life will gradually decrease, and when a man’s sexual ability is not good, it will bring leakage to a family. If the sexual life is not good, then the woman cannot be satisfied first.And, I also feel that I have a lot of pressure, and I am very inferior, and I admire some men with strong sexual functions, but if you only exercise for a long time and do some methods to improve sexual performance, then you are also a real man. Below weSee how to improve sexual performance?

Workout method 1 Tilt and bend on your back, raise your legs, then grab your right calf with your left hand, slowly open it repeatedly to the body, and close it.

If every five times is a round, do one a day?
Just two times.

Be careful not to overdo it too greedyly. Excessive force will cause muscle fatigue and become counter-productive.

Exercise Method 2 Sit on the bed with your legs spread apart.

Then both hands leaned forward, bending the body forward with the forehead touching the bed.

What if every three?
If five times are for one round, do two in a day?
Three times will do.

Even if you stretch your legs and bend down, you will feel a little pain between your legs, but you have to bear with it a little bit, because the action of stretching your legs is very important.

Of course, when I first started, it was difficult for my forehead to touch the bed surface; as long as I had perseverance, it could be done in about a month.

By doing this every day, your erectile strength can be significantly improved after one month.

Second, use abdominal anal breathing to increase energy and swelling!

In the real world, many men suffer from the pressure of work and interpersonal relationships, which leads to weakened sexual performance; but there are also some men who are both happy in official affairs.

What is the difference between these two?

To put it bluntly, the problem is mainly the sympathetic and parasympathetic function replacement.

When humans work, sympathetic nerves are particularly active; during sexual intercourse, parasympathetic nerves dominate everything.

If the function is switched smoothly, whether it is work or sex, it is a mastery; on the contrary, it will cause a surplus of heart and insufficient power between the beds.

The best solution at this time is to temporarily drop the work at hand and take a long vacation to make the body easier.

But how can ordinary people have so many vacations?

So you have to find an alternative.

These are the ways to exercise sexual ability. If everyone feels that their sexual ability will decline, then they must try these methods to improve their sexual life. For a man, it is necessary to keep exercising and improveYour sexual ability is a good way, but you must pay attention to avoid excessive fatigue, and remember to reduce the stress on your body when exercising.