[How to make casserole winter melon fans]_How to make_How to make

Casserole winter melon fans This is just a type of casserole rice noodles. When casserole fans taste it, the taste will become more fragrant, they will not feel so greasy, and they will not absorb too much by themselves, butBefore doing so, you need to pay attention to soaking the fans first. You must prevent the soaking in hot water. It takes about one to twenty minutes to soak.

Production step 1: Put rice noodles (my semi-dry rice noodles) in boiling water and turn off the fire for about 20 minutes (cannot cook).

2. After the bamboo shoots are boiled in the boiling water pot for about five minutes, remove them and rinse with water.

3. Cut extremely thin pieces of pork (people who can eat fat can use pork belly); wash the pea tips; tear small pieces of fungus; tear small pieces of oyster mushrooms; slice all mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms and ginger.

4. After the chicken soup is boiled, add ginger slices, mushrooms, shiitake mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, bamboo shoots, fungus, salt, and boil for ten to twenty minutes after boiling. Remove the pot from the fire and the soup is ready to use.

5. Serving the required amount of soup, mix the vegetables into a small casserole, boil over high heat, lay the appropriate amount of rice noodles and lay a piece of pork, blanch the scallops immediately after simmering, and then lower the pea tips and stir well.

6, serve with a pot and serve.

Method 2 Ingredients: Prepare dry rice noodles, green vegetables, tofu skin, green bean sprouts, broth, quail eggs, two crab sticks, and heart bread, salt, and chicken essence. Step 1.

Wash the greens, tofu skin, and green sprouts for later use.

Quail eggs are cooked and peeled.


Cut the two sticks of crab sticks and prepare for use.


Prepare the noodles for future use.


Add salt broth to the casserole and place on the fire. Add vegetables, bean sprouts, and tofu skin, each with an appropriate amount of quail eggs, two crab sticks, two wrappers, and an appropriate amount of rice noodles. After boiling, add chicken essence and serve.


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