“Jiang Ziya” exposed seven character posters, the character relationship setting is quite subversive
Sauna Night News (reporter Li Yan) On December 27, the movie “Jiang Ziya” released a poster with characters, and seven protagonists debuted.In the picture, the three deities of Jiang Ziya, Tianzun, Jiuwei and other deities present different “voices”, reflecting a magnificent world with many characters and complex relationships.It is reported that “Xiao Jiu” is a brand new original character.The movie “Jiang Ziya” will be released nationwide in the first year of next year (January 25, 2020).It is reported that the film “Jiang Ziya” takes “searching for self” as an entry point and makes bold innovations to traditional characters.On the poster, the blazing flame symbolizes the immense adversity from the Three Realms. Even so, Jiang Ziya is still looking for his true self to “become a real god”.From following Kunlun to believing in yourself, Jiang Ziya in the film seems to be every young man who seeks and awakens himself in real life.In addition, the brand-new original character “Xiao Jiu” made a stunning appearance as a wedding dress. She who has fox ears has been looking for a secret of her birth, that is, her true self.Why does Xiao Jiu have fox ears, and is it related to Jiang Ziya?To be announced further.Since the character poster is not serious, the film is quite subversive in the setting of character relationships.For example, in the film, Jiang Ziya and Shen Gongbao have added the setting of the partner of destiny to kill each other in the setting of retaining the brothers and sisters in the classic literature.As the poster slogan said, “You have always been the hero I envy, I have changed this time”; and the four different appearances of “Milk Fierce” debut, and Jiang Ziya’s “along with life” accompany the battle.It is reported that the loyalty to Jiang Ziya will become a highlight of the film.It is worth mentioning that in the poster, only Heaven Realm of Heaven and Jiu Wei of the Demon Realm are in the same picture, full of the tension of the war.The film “Jiang Ziya” is rooted in Chinese traditional culture and has quite oriental charm.In terms of characters, Jiang Ziya, Shen Gongbao, Tianzun, Jiuwei and other main characters all continue in the history and classic literature of the “Feng Shen Department”.The Opposition Teng Snake, which is gathered by dead bones and grudges in the trailer, was re-created according to the Teng Snake in the Shan Hai JingInspired by the “Jiuchi” in the allusion “Jiuchi Meat Forest”.Sauna, Ye Wang Li Yan editor Xu Meilin proofreading Li Xiangling