Caddy no longer hands towels, Indian Wells races out new tricks to deal with outbreak
In many tennis games, the caddie is called to pick up the ball and hand towels to serve.Figure / OsportsATP Indian Wells Masters, WTA Indian Wells Crown Championships will also be played in California next week.The Indian Wells Organizing Committee issued a statement today stating that the game will not happen because of the epidemic, and several prevention and control measures have been introduced. Among them, caddies no longer deliver towels, and players need to manage towels themselves.The Indian Wells Race Organizing Committee stated that in order to prevent the spread of the new coronavirus and give priority to the health and safety of athletes and fans, the game will not take place tentatively.However, any spectator who bought tickets for the 2020 event can request a refund or apply for an extension to the 2021 event.At the same time, the Indian Wells Organizing Committee introduced a number of prevention and control measures, including the introduction of a new caddie service.Caddy should wear gloves during the game and no longer deliver towels to players.Players must manage their towels on the court. The caddie must not touch or move the player ‘s towels. The towels will be placed on the towel rack at the rear of the court and used by the armor players during the game.This is not the first time a tennis match has been made to protect caddies and players.The Confederations Cup Asia Region Group I game in Dubai has suspended caddy service from the second day, players need to pick up the ball by themselves.In the Davis Cup at the top, the caddy no longer touches the player’s towel, and instead places the towel in the basket and hands it to the player.In addition to the launch of a new caddie service, the Indian Wells Team Committee said that 250 hand disinfection stations, restaurants and food supply personnel will be set up at the venue, and security personnel will need to wear gloves.At the same time, the organizing committee prepares N95 masks for emergency and medical personnel to prepare for any situation that may require use.Sauna, Ye Wang Sun Haiguang Editor Wang Chunqiu proofread Zhao Lin