There was a low laughter around。
No one is a fool,Although you don’t know Roger·Smith is going to come over and chat with Chen Geng,I don’t know if GM was that time a few months agoAMCBehind the workers’ strike,Roger·You can always see that Smith’s bad intentions,I just didn’t expect Roger·Smith hasn’t“shot”What,Fernandez·Chen slapped his face first:General Motors is the largest automaker in the U.S. and even the world,This one,Yes,But since entering the 1970s, GM has started to go downhill,After the oil embargo happened,GM’s sales dropped more than35%,To1980year,General Motors has an unprecedented loss of more than6.6One hundred million U.S. dollars!
This is1980Year6.6One hundred million U.S. dollars!
Converted to35Years later2015year,At least20Billion dollar loss。
And he Roger·Under what circumstances did Smith come to power?
Isn’t it that GM’s major shareholders can’t stand the former chairman and CEO Fred·Downer’s incompetence,Roger·Smith’s opportunity?
unfortunately,Since playing this year、That is1981year1month1Since coming to power,The situation of General Motors under his leadership has not improved.,It’s getting worse,Not only did he fail to realize what he proposed when he took office“Within two years,Change GM’s market share from the current56%Promote to60%”The goal,InsteadAMC、Chrysler、Ford and Japanese、Under the squeeze of European cars,In the past11month,GM’s market share has fallen to unprecedented levels in the past two decades64.2%!
Chen Geng’s words are more than just cheeks,It’s just pulling Roger·Smith’s collar twitched vigorously!
But Roger·Smith can become the new CEO of General Motors,After all, it’s not easy to follow,Although Chen Geng’s words and the low laughter of the surrounding people annoyed him,But he quickly adjusted his mood,Sneered,Said:“GM is now just adjusting itself,But even so,We also occupy more than North America54%Market share,It’s yoursAMC,What is the current market share?”
Roger·Smith said this,The crowd around is a lot quieter,Roger·Smith is right,Even if GM is not as good as Alfred today·P·It’s so unparalleled in the Sloan period,But GM is ultimately the automaker with the largest market share in the U.S.,Compared to the market share54.2%General Motors,you guysAMCHas more market share?
Chen Geng smiled slightly,A calm face:“AMCMarket conditions、Development trend and profitability,I believe Mr. Smith, you should be very clear,I can be sureAMCProfit will increase year by year,I am more certain that General Motors will lose more and more under your leadership,Mr Smith,Believe it or not?”
This is simply pointing at Roger·Smith’s nose berates his incompetence、Not worthy of being in the seat of GM CEO。