But capital offense is exempt,Live crime,This man is the same as the one just now,It’s just that he lost his left hand,Because Qin Feng can see that he is left-handed,So Qin Feng will not stay。
“you,who are you?”Li Changliang is smart,While talking to Qin Feng,While attacking like Qin Feng。
“Snapped。”Qin Feng slapped his face with one mouth,I saw Li Changliang’s mouth tremble,Spit out a mouthful of blood foam,I saw all three of them were beaten by Qin Feng,But no one knew how Qin Feng treated them
They will end up like this if they show mercy。
“Overweight。”Qin Feng looked at the three men lying on the ground,Snorted coldly,Asked with a smile:“Who else,Want to stand up,I count one two three,See who can stand up。”
“One。”Qin Feng slowed down,Smiled and looked at the three,Continue counting:“two。”
“There is the last number,Can’t you stop fighting like this??do not let me down,Get up if you can get up。”Qin Feng said coldly while laughing。
“Big brother,who are you,How did you come,What are you doing,I did not offend you,Why did you come to my house,Big brother,If my brother has offended you before, just say,I see you in the future, can’t I go around??”
Li Changliang looked at Qin Feng aggrievedly,I can’t care if my mouth is still bleeding,Said to Qin Feng。
“Haha,Buddies,It seems that this slap didn’t affect your speech,You still talk so much,But you asked so many questions at once,You make me unable to answer!”Saying that Qin Feng slapped his hand again。
And this time Li Changliang wanted to say but couldn’t tell,He felt his mouth filled with a mouthful of rice,Packed full,Can’t speak at all。
Li Changliang spits casually,Come out with blood foam,Two more teeth。