“who is it?where is it?”Song Litao quickly asked。
“Cough。”Sun Yongli coughed twice,Then said:“Brother,I don’t know who it is now,I found it was a company called Dingsheng Industrial。”
“Dingsheng Industry?”Song Litao was puzzled first,Go on:“Never heard of it,Lige,What does this company do,Who is the actual controller?”
A clue is better than no clue,Since there is a company,The monk can’t run to the temple,The actual controller will always be dug out。
Sun Yongli calmly said:“This company is a small company,Actual controller,I do not recognize,But I made an appointment with him for you,Meet in Qingfengyuan in an hour。”
Song Litao let out a long sigh of relief:“Ok,Thank you brother。”
As long as the other party is willing to meet,If you want to meet, you can talk,Business affairs,Never dead。
“Brother,Not so polite,I’m waiting for you over there,I am also interested in meeting this person for a while,See who it is,Dare to reach usrTrouble in the city!”Sun Yongli finished,Hung up。
Accompanied by Sun Yongli,Song Litao will rely on him to meet each other。
“dad,We found the guy?”Song Kangsong who has been listening,Saw dad hang up,Asked。
Song Litao nodded:“Ok,Your Uncle Sun found it for us,I’ll go out,You stay at home,Don’t run around these days,Something is wrong。”
“dad,Are you going to meet the guy who messed with us?,Didn’t you let me learn to do business with you?,I think this is an opportunity,Bring me too。”
Song Kangsong is eager to try,Ready to follow my father in the business field。
Song Litao heard his son say that,I felt happy again。
But he didn’t plan to bring his son,Because this time it’s a bit big,The other party is not clear,Son’s character is easy to cause trouble。
Although Sun Yongli is present,But it’s hard to guarantee。
Words to learn,There will be opportunities in the future,And you have to learn from small things slowly,Can’t do it overnight。