For this crazy phenomenon,Xia Chenglong himself is helpless,no way,This is the group effect。
Since Bencheng was known to everyone,From the very beginning,So far,They don’t need any doubt。
Yun Xiaowen looked at the rich ladies behind holding signs,The love for Xia Chenglong in his eyes has reached a terrible state。
I want to get into my arms right away!
As for the other families,There are more Liu’s。
After all, they are the trump cards of the old strength,The so-called skinny camel is bigger than a horse,What’s more, people haven’t lost weight yet!
Except Liu’s,The other auras are completely out of order,Although still overcrowded,But not as crazy as Xia Chenglong and the others behind。
Just sit calmly,Or make occasional encouraging sounds。
As for the Yun family,Just a little bleak。
Because it just changed hands,This makes everyone not optimistic about the strength of the Yun family。
Yun Xiaowen is mentally prepared for this,I accepted it with peace of mind。