“Where’s Wu Fei??”Xiang Chen asked。
Follow Wu’s style of work,Until I show up,He probably won’t leave,But it’s been a long time since I walked from the door of the hospital to the morgue,I don’t even see Wu Weihua,Xiang Chen couldn’t help being curious。
“The girl named Sun Luyao fainted,Wu Weihua took care of her。”
Wang Qiaoqiao answered,Didn’t stay too much by Xiang Chen’s side。
The room is quiet and scary,Xiang Chen looked at Tian Dazhuang who was almost unrecognizable,Sighed silently。
“I always thought that there was still time to meet,Now it seems,I don’t think it’s accurate every time。”
Finished,Xiang Chen grinned first himself,Then the smile quickly disappeared on Xiang Chen’s face。Whispered a little“it’s not funny!”
Took a deep breath,I wanted to shoot Tian Da Zhuang,But I’m afraid I will slap,I wasted the appearance that others had to tidy up for Tian Dazhuang,Hands raised in mid-air,I can only give up。
“Brother Xiang may have to wait to avenge you,The girl you have a crush on has a master,I want to prepare。”
Xiang Chen’s voice is low,A little bit helpless。
“I know you definitely don’t want to avenge your eldest brother,I also know,You won’t be worried about your safety to Big Brother,At best, I don’t want your crush girl to be in a dilemma!You like this!Not as good as licking a dog!Zhu Shiyao doesn’t know you like her!”
Take a mocking look at Tian Dazhuang who can’t speak,Thinking about how he would refute himself if he was still alive,Maybe just giggle!
Patted the head of the bed a few times,Xiang Chen suddenly realized that he had mixed feelings and mixed feelings for a while。