Bai Qin’an didn’t even introduce it,The elders of the Mianshan Sword Sect、The hall master is not even interested。
Yunzhonghe is confused,Then it was arranged next to Wu Feng,It’s also a futon,Sit as you like,When the sun is hottest,Even in autumn,It also makes people feel uncomfortable。
Yunzhonghe dare not speak。
“Master Uncle,We come all the way,Have reached the capital,Not only left us aside for days without talking,Finally up the mountain,So he doesn’t take us seriously?”The river in the clouds lowers its voice,Complain in Wu Feng’s ear。
“It’s not all that we don’t care about,Don’t you think Shao Ying treats me kindly??”Wu Feng said helplessly。
Yunzhonghe was speechless。
and so,Just because they are male?
To him,Don’t even drink saliva?
Hot day,Yunzhonghe with cold hands and feet,Trembling with anger。
When will men be able to stand up in the country?
Waited half an hour。