After most of the Chaos Age,Lord Chishui Dao has become the new leader of Jiuchen Sect,I’m afraid he has already started the layout,Maybe they have already joined Jiuchen Sect,Even if the cemetery seeks this space corridor。
Even if the Dongqi Daoist is not dead in the chaos,Waiting for Lord Chishui Dao to become the leader of Jiuchen,Will calculate the corridor of this space。
Chishui Dao-kun is entirely possible to grow into the pinnacle Dao-kun,Another ancient practitioner,And cruel。
Rather than waiting for the space corridor to be taken away by Chishui Dao-kun,Eastern Qi faction suffered heavy losses,It’s better to sell it to him。
of course,Li Ming won’t say this,After all, there is no evidence to prove,Speak without proof,Make a joke。
Since Dongqi Daojun disagrees,forget about it,He doesn’t force it,But I had no choice but to retreat。
“Since Dongqi Daojun refuses to cut love,It would be nice to let me and my followers go through the space corridor once。”
Dongqi Daojun pondered for a while,But nodded:“Daoists want to enter the corridor of space naturally,But this space corridor was captured by Yu Xinghai,There were no other practitioners at the time,And after bringing it back to the endless realm, only the three Taoists inside the door knew。。。”
Dongqi Daojun’s words are not finished,But everyone here understands what he means。
Dongqi Daojun doesn’t care if a Ming Daojun goes to the space corridor,He didn’t lose much after rushing once。
but,But he was afraid that the news would leak,To make some big forces rob this treasure。
and so,He must figure out how Li Ming learned about this space corridor。
“I know what fellow Taoists are worried about,But this source,Only I know,If fellow Taoists promised me and my followers to enter the chaos,I can make an oath not to leak this news。”
Li Ming’s smile,But it makes Dongqi Daojun feel extremely annoying。