However, the question he raised made Wang Yufei look embarrassed,Then replied apologetically:“Professor Han,It’s not that I want to hide from you,But it’s still a secret。When the scientist promised us to tutor the members of the Brain Machine Society,The most important thing is to keep his identity strictly confidential。Think about it,He refuses to want to expose the identity of the students he is mentoring,Of course we also have to keep it strictly confidential。”
Han Jingchang nodded。
Explanation for Wang Yufei,He can’t find loopholes。
Obviously, this big shot would be domestic,I want to help the country cultivate several talents,Or I just want to make some extra money in my spare time。But no matter what kind of idea,Obviously I don’t want people to know my identity。
“What a pity!”
Han Jingchang sighed,Then look towards Lan Xuefeng,Asked:“Can I take a look at the emails you exchanged before?”
“of course can,Teacher Han,There is a computer outside,I will call it for you now。”
Wang Yufei didn’t say a word,He uses the company intranet mailbox,But that was the email used for the previous test。
Of course, it can also be explained that these emails have undergone a second turnover。
Fortunately, Han Jingchang didn’t seem to pay attention to his email address.,Instead, I concentrated on researching the previous test data and process。
Others continue to do some basic tests around cost。
These are extremely valuable data,No one feels like wasting time。