If possible,I already broke through to the middle of the Hunyuan period,Will wait there,No shock yet。
Just let myself not think,During this time of my retreat。
Actually appeared,So many things that shocked me。
“Correct,This person is very young。”
Finished,Draw a picture quickly for Lin Yu to see。
Young people on this picture,Not someone else,It’s Lin Yu。
After seeing Lin Yu’s appearance,I thought it was the geniuses I knew,Break into the realm of Hunyuan,What I didn’t expect was,It’s not。
But a,Young people who don’t know themselves。
“Can we not mess with this person,Try not to provoke。”
“and,From what you just said,Say this person,Acting style,What is it,What is it。”
“This kind of people,Is the most terrible。”
“because,Once you provoke such a person,Okay to kill,If you can’t kill,There is only one result,The other party will definitely,Keep getting back。”