Li Ming pouted,The patriarch of the Bai clan seems to want to be the first,Overpower yourself,But he doesn’t care。after all,It’s no secret that he killed Immortal Juggling,The Saito family will certainly not guard this secret too strictly,And Bai and Saito are enemies,It’s normal to plant some spies in the other clan’s land, but not?!
“Patriarch,Name unknown,God and Demon Body Refining Method is《Twins》,Reaching the initial stage,And if you read it right,Except for the ones on the bright side【Avenue of Stars】,Also have【Avenue of Life and Death】Bar。。。It looks like,You are stronger than the rumors,Cangxian is not your opponent!”Although no realm,But the Daozu level vision is still there。
“Cough~”I am not surprised to see the other person,Instead, he broke his realm in one word,Clan Chief Bai only needs to cough to hide his embarrassment。
“Haha,I have no ill intentions,It’s just that I recently learned about our new offerings from the Bai family。Unexpectedly, even Cang Xianren is not your opponent。If you reach the state of returning to the Void in refining Qi,I’m afraid it can be comparable to the 700,000-year-old dispersal。”
“about there!”Li Ming said with a smile:“Patriarch Bai,You want to see me are not here to blow each other。”
“Haha~”Patriarch Bai smiled:“Naturally not,I’m here to enshrine,Naturally there is something to discuss。Ming worship should know that my Bai family has four immortals, right?。”
“know,A patriarch of you,One is the great elder,The other is Hong Zongfeng,As for the last one,Heard,Know that there is such a genius。”
“indeed!”Chief Bai nodded:“Bai Xiangyang’s child is my great-great-nephew,To be exact, a great-great-grandson of a cousin,He is indeed the best genius in my Bai family for nearly ten thousand years,Now I have practiced for only a hundred years,Strength has reached the level of top Sanxian Dixian,It’s not much worse than Ming worship you。”
Although the patriarch Bai can’t see Li Ming’s details,,But he will【Avenue of Life and Death】Comprehend to the point of the domain of the avenue,But can also feel the vitality of this life enshrined—Estimate,Not more than 500 years old,Although the Qi refining is only in the late Yuanshen,But the realm should be as good as five or six hundred thousand years old,It’s not touted to say that my great-great-nephew who hasn’t arrived at 100 years old is almost talented,But sent out。
“Patriarch Bai,Didn’t you Bai always treat you like this?。。Is the news of the great-great-nephew hidden very secretly??Why suddenly tell me?”
“Naturally ask for something!”Chief Bai sighed:“Do not hide,You know the hatred between Bai and Saito,Saito’s old madmen are too threatening,So soon after my grand nephew Bailin showed off his talent,I will send him to Luming County,He also joined Dayanzong, a top sect in Luming County,Now it is even more practice to return to the emptiness to become a sect to complete,It is also a Taoist relationship with a female cultivator from Dayanzong。”
“But the most recent,He and the Taoist couple went out and wandered,Into the very mysterious‘Tianming Tower’Rush,But suddenly issued a spell for help。”