“Ok!I will go with you”Xia Jian became refreshed。
Du Hai nodded,With another policeman,Took Xia Jian downstairs,Once out of the hall,I was immediately surrounded by reporters who were standing there,They keep taking pictures,Some people ask some messy questions,Fortunately, the police cleared the way,They quickly got into the police car。
In the interrogation room,Du Hai sat opposite Xia Jian,Behind him sat a recorder。
Du Hai is straightforward,Asked with a serious face:“Do you know Wang Liujin?”
“Can be considered as acquaintance!”Xia Jian casually said。
Du Hai raised his brow and said:“When you answer the question,Must be sure,I’ll ask you again,Do you know Wang Liujin?”
“understanding”Xia Jian said out loudly。
Du Hai nodded slightly,Then asked:“Some people say that you have enmity,Wang Liujin knows some secrets of your past,So you lured him into the room and pushed him down。Can you clarify the grievances between you?”
Xia Jian heard Du Hai say this,His anger surged again,But he knows,The police are investigating evidence,You won’t be convicted just by listening to others。
Calm down,Xia Jian explained the details of the first time he met Wang Liujin,Then talked about Wang Liujin and Wang Wujin’s joint efforts to harm him,He also said without a word,And told me the police station he was in“
Du Hai has been listening,Wait for Xia Jian to finish,He asked again:“You are now the boss of the entrepreneurial group,And what was said before is not good,Just a coolie,Do you want to let others know your past?“